Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Glass Squiggles - Hot Off the Candle Flame!

I'm gearing up for my winter show -- the annual Festival of Lights in Greenbelt, MD this coming weekend. Display boards, gift bags, stickers, cards, new tables for a new booth size, oh my! At the same time, everyone on the internet seems to have discovered my Recycled Wine Bottle Serving Tray at once! Eek! They're flying out the door like very heavy hot cakes, and I'm piping them through my kiln as fast as I can.

Horde of Squiggles

Of course, I'm also trying to build up some new inventory for the show! I'm making a few batches of my signature squiggle pendants. I've just finished bending a horde of squiggles and polishing the soot out of all the wee twists and turns. Any requests for background colors? :D

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Anonymous said...

How fascinating! I never would have imagined that's how you create the squiggles in your pendents. Always a delight when I visit here - thanks!