Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday's Treats

The fruits of my Saturday, newly available at Jellybug Artworks!

Turquoise, Tigereye and Pearl Rope Turquoise, Tigereye and Pearl Rope

Three thick strands of green apple turquoise, tigereye, and creamy cultured pearls studded with pewter. Matching earrings mirror the rich stones and renaissance-style pewter. Wear the necklace in a twist, or in graceful parallel strands to show off the luscious gemstones.

Byzantine Turquoise Bracelet Byzantine Turquoise Bracelet

Renaissance beauty! Three strands of hand-woven byzantine chain fasten with a sterling clasp featuring an imitation turquoise cabochon. Each strand of chain takes an hour to weave.

Rock Garden Symphony Rock Garden Symphony

Striped agate in black, gray and cream is spiced up with fire-crackled red agate on hand-wrapped wire links. A crackly stone pendant on a sterling bail provides a lovely centerpiece. Matching earrings complete your look!

Nectarines and Cream Necklace Nectarines and Cream Necklace

Tubes of striped agate and cultured pearls on hand-wrapped wire links pair with a deep red fused glass pendant. Don't miss the matching earrings and bracelet!

Wild Rice Salad

Every Sunday, a small group of friends coalesces for a potluck dinner. According to my mother, when I moved out on my own, I insisted that two pots was too many, but the high cooking standards of my foodie potlucking friends have led me from barely able to make pasta to loving to cook.

Photo by Elise of Simply recipes

This week's recipe was Wild Rice Salad from Elise at Simply Recipes. It is a scrumptious blend of crunchy rice, crispy veggies, toasted pine nuts, and dried cranberries with an olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.

Elise's salad is cold. I prefer such concoctions hot, and the groups prefers brown rice over white, so I've made modifications. This one's a keeper!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flurry of Inspiration

Having passed the week tired, grumpy, and spending all of my time doing things for other people, I went crazy on Saturday. I've got a ton of photos to process, but here's a preview of pieces which will become available soon!

First, we have a lovely red stone on a sterling bail on a necklace of hand-wrapped striped agate balls and fire-roasted agate wavy coins. (They're really fire-crackled agate, but it tickles me to call them fire-roasted -- like peppers!)

Agate Necklace

Next, a rope of tigereye, cultured pearls, and green apple turquoise studded with pewter accents, pewter cones and an ornate floral toggle clasp.

Tigereye, Turquoise, and Pearl Necklace

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the Purpose of Beaches

I've never been a beach person. I don't swim or sunbathe. But I figured I'd go across the street and walk along the beach since it's right there.

Crescent Beach is your average beach.

Crescent Beach, Maine

I watched people poking in the rocks for sea glass and shells. I meandered down to the water and a shell caught my eye, and I realized what a beach is for: jewelry! These people are going to take their shells home, put them in a box, and ignore them. People are going to wear mine.

I left with nought but a camera, and I came home with a double handful of sea treasure.

Crescent Beach, Maine

This particular beach also contains Mammoth Seaweed. Probably sabertoothed seaweed from some prehistoric undersea forest. I have included my foot for scale.

Crescent Beach, Maine

The fruits of my labors, having sat in a dishpan of soapy water overnight, are now drying on the back porch.

Crescent Beach, Maine