Monday, March 9, 2009

Prehistory Chunky Stone Necklace

We have favorites. I'll admit it. I made one Saturday night. I came home from my glass jewelry workshop, and instead of doing responsible household things or things that other people wanted, I made jewelry.

Ha! Take that, world!

This is my favorite kind of necklace to design -- multiple strands of contrasting shapes, colors and materials! This one-of-a-kind treasure is composed of picture jasper, tiny fossil rounds, and polyhedrons of green apple turquoise capped with shells. Only the bold need apply! Visit Jellybug Artworks to make it yours.


tarabu said...

I would agree that is time well spent. I gave up washing the bathtub to make wine charms. I do not need them, I have work to do to get ready for Crofton, but I wanted some wine charms (I am not even planning a party!) and so I made some.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Karen, just beautiful!! I can certainly see why it's a fav!