Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Design-a-Day: Hill Tribes Silver and Cobalt Briolette Pendant

I think I've just finished a custom order (it's out to the customer for review at the moment). This completes the earring/bracelet/pendant set I mentioned in my byzantine weave post. The rings I got from The Ring Lord worked really well in the bracelet:

I used some new thicker rings in the earrings, too:

We went through a couple iterations of the pendant. I made an orange one with agate teardrops first to complement the customer's intended bright blue outfit, but it turned out that we weren't on the same wavelength regarding the quantity of orange that was desired, so I located a set of cobalt blue briolettes that I think will match her dress perfectly.

If you'd like a piece or a set of custom jewelry, please don't hesitate to !

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Anonymous said...

Karen, these are gorgeous! Love the byzantine weave. My hubby does chain maille and hasn't mastered this technique but he sure loves the Ring Lord!! :)

Gorgeous necklace you created too - that flower is fabulous and both versions are fabulous!

Beautiful work as always ~ Sharon