Monday, April 28, 2008

Wind Resistance!

A quarter-inch of Plexiglas mounted with screws on the back of a riser will protect the earring racks from wind from the back. I'm hoping that gusts from the sides won't catch enough to lift anything so that I can get away with not taping the cards down. But you can bet I'll have a roll of masking tape just in case!

Riser with Wind Break

The pendant board has been wind-proofed with a 1x2 board as an outrigger on the front, C clamps at the bottom of the board, and a bungee cord hooking over the top and then passing through the easel hinge.

I have decorative glass bits to weight down my business card and next-show fliers.

My new table cloths (bright-colored sheets) are coming this week, and a friend who sews is going to put weights in the hems.

Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, Karen. Looks like you've got the wind situation under control! (by the way I LOVE your upholstery - yes I snooped into the background of your photo):D

Karen said...

Picking out the upholstery was great fun! I'd selected a big comfy chair but was mulling over the available fabrics, none of which was vibrant enough to make me happy by itself. The salesperson eventually volunteered, "Well .. you can have up to three on each piece." Then we had a grand old time trying to choose a placement of the fabrics such that no color was on two adjoining sections -- like that problem where you have to color a map of Europe with five colors and no adjoining countries can be the same.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I had no idea they could even do that and never would have thought of it. You did a fabulous job! (loved your analogy about the map - ah memories)~Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I've missed reading your postings and hope every things going good for you.

Now that we've done our first two shows I wanted to share with you that wind is the absolutely WORST thing about shows!! I'm sure you can relate! :) Even with a sunny day which we had at yesterday's show, that dam wind just wouldn't stop! My poor husband spent half the day trying to hold the tent down, ugh! We'll be investing in sand bags a.s.a.p.!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! All the best, Sharon

Karen said...

I've been thinking about those sandbags myself. I have a jug of water attached to each tent leg with a zip-tie, and it's working pretty well, but a big gust of wind would probably foil that.

I haven't been posting for the same reason that I haven't been producing much -- I'm having neck issues which cause me to feel sick if I hold the same position for any length of time (look at a computer, look down at beads that I'm stringing, look down at fused pendants I'm cutting and composing). Ostensibly it's because the vertebrae in my neck are out of alignment, so I'm under chiropractic care, but it's putting a large cramp in every aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, that's just awful. I know how important our creativity is to us and to not have that outlet in your life must be so overwhelming. Try to hang in there and soon you'll be back to it again.

I check your blog and Flickr page each day and have wondered if anything was wrong because I haven't seen you post anything. I really hope my blue haired friend (ok, it might be a different color by now :D) feels better very soon!!

hugs ~ Sharon

Karen said...

hehe -- it's yellow now! I am feeling better, thank you. I was able to get a batch of new necklaces edited and posted yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you so much for your heartfelt comments on my blog. It really meant so much to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I'm going through my messages out of order and just hit the blog post you left about your new hair color. I'm SO glad you're feeling better!!!! I'm slowing getting around to catching up on everything and can't wait to see your newest creations on Flickr! All the best ~ Sharon

Anonymous said...

Just stopping in the check the blog, Karen (which honestly I do several times each week). Looking for some new jewelry postings, summer happenings or perhaps the latest hair color. :)

Hope you're doing great and that you're feeling better! Your newest creations are just gorgeous (love the squashed glass wall/window hanger, necklace and those vintage earrings I covet! All the best ~ Sharon

Karen said...

Geez -- I'd been feeling guilty about neglecting the blog, and here you come along and prod me! :D It's good that you did so. I don't like writing, but I should. Admittedly, I've been sitting on a pile of summer-themed jewelry that I haven't photographed or written up, and it would be make a good blog post, especially since I bought a spot in Etsy's vacation showcase for tomorrow. I have to go into the office today, but I have a mission for this evening!