Friday, June 27, 2008

The iMac Returns .. Sort of

The folks at the Apple Store apparently weren't able to rescue anything off of my old hard drive (despite the fact that they successfully accessed it while I was at the store dropping it off). I hadn't checked on my backup program in a while, and unfortunately, it appears that it hadn't been working. Most of the full size photos of my recent work ... gone. Many I can retrieve from Etsy, fortunately. I'm not sure when the backup stopped working. I'm afraid to open my mail program and to plug in my phone, which syncs with data that might not be there anymore. New daily task:  glare at the backup logs. Sigh. Maybe I should bite the Leopard bullet and hope Time Machine works better than this other apparently-questionable thing I was using.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Karen. It seems alot of people are having computer problems these days and loosing all of their work. Crazy how we've come to depend on these little machines that store our LIVES!

Anonymous said...

If you still have this issue, I've got a copy of Leopard I could loan you. Sharing is fun!


Karen said...

I am fully Leopardated and rocking the Time Machine now, but thank you! Time Capsules are truly wonderful -- I replaced a router, a WAP and a wireless print server with one sleek little box. A very hot little box, I have noticed. It needs a refrigerated wiring closet.