Friday, August 8, 2008

Wire on Fire!

I've just finished making my own ballpins using sterling wire and a butane torch! This may not sound exciting, but I'm quite titillated. I use tons of ballpins in my cluster earrings, and finding them premade in a gauge you like is difficult.

Below, a short clip of me making one. You'll see a thin piece of wire -- 24 gauge -- come in from the top, turn red hot, and then pull up into a ball on the end.


Anonymous said...

Oh that was SO cool!! A movie!! Now if only I could find some pop corn!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please visit my blog for an award you've received - thanks!

Rocki said...

I'm unable to see the video right now, so I'll be back when I'm on my other PC. However, I can totally understand your excitement!