Sunday, January 18, 2009

Escapees from the bead show!

I went to the Baltimore Bead Society's winter show yesterday. I was after a few findings that I can't get from my main suppliers, and I was trying hard not to buy anything else. Bead and gem shows are candyland for us, and it's very easy to come away with hundreds of dollars worth of treasures.

I did really well through the main showroom ... but then I saw orange.

They're doing some craaaazy stuff with turquoise these days. These brilliant orange pumpkiny beads are dyed white turquoise! I can't keep my hands off anything this bright, and it only takes one thing off the table to break down my resolve not to buy anything. Oh yes, some spotty turquoise! And some crazy lace agate! And some striped agate! Mine mine mine!


Mana Moon Studios said...

OMG!!! We were going to go to that show!! We didn't end up going because the 4 hour drive would have been extended with the inauguration traffic. I can't imagine if I'd seen you there, I would have flipped!

Love the gorgeous beads you found, can't wait to see what you make with them.;-)

Karen said...

That would have been too funny!