Sunday, January 4, 2009

Win a Beautiful Woven Wire Bracelet from Mana Moon Studios

My inestimable friend Sharon of Mana Moon Studios is nearing a great milestone in her career as an artist! She is soon to create her one thousandth gorgeous piece of jewelry, and to celebrate, she's giving away one of her signature woven wire bracelets which she's designing specially for this contest!

Sharon's speciality is a very recognizable style of chunky cuff bracelet which features a handmade artisan focal bead in a nest of carefully wrapped wire, set off with other matching beads and dangles. You must see them to believe how beautiful they are, so here are some examples!

Not content to use focal pieces that aren't one of a kind, Sharon forms partnerships with talented glass and clay artists all over the world to find the most exquisite and fascinating centerpieces for her bracelets and necklaces. She also makes keychains and earrings!

Scuttle over to Sharon's blog now for your chance to win her special commemorative bracelet!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a write up girl!! Tell me your night job is a closet writer and I'll believe!

Thanks so much, this was... Spectacular! Oh and am I free to use it (with credit of course)? ;-)

You're a darlin'!♥

Karen said...

No no, my night job is as a jewelry maker! :D Most certainly, you are free to use my write-up.