Friday, April 11, 2008

Design-a-Day: Tack-Fused Glass Pendants

I have a bunch of little glass balls that I made from snipping up the glass rods that bead makers use for flameworking. Put the chunks through your kiln on a full fuse, and they pull up into balls. Fun! I made them last week, and tonight I decided to employ them.

I felt it would be best to only tack fuse them to pendants, as they'd melt into the base glass on a full fuse. Since I hate waiting, I didn't want to make a set of fully-fused pendants and then tack fuse the balls onto them, so I designed a load of pendants that I will only tack fuse. Come tomorrow morning, when I see the finished product, I may find that patience is a virtue!

Below, my kiln-load of pendants, pre-firing. You can find more of my pendants in my store.

And the disaster that is my workbench after a pendant session! This one's fairly controlled by my standards.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post-kiln photo!


Linda said...

very cute pendants!

Designer Pendants said...

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