Thursday, January 15, 2009

New! Chainmaille Key Rings and Recycled Glass Paperweights

Chainmaille Key Rings

I'm taking great delight in chainmaille lately! I've created a set of darling key rings that feature a pretty rock, coin, or bead and a section of hybrid woven byzantine chain. Each chain is securely fastened to the key ring with double jump rings and a solid metal ring. If you have a sweetheart with an interest in the Renaissance or medieval things, I'll be making them with red glass hearts for Valentine's Day! View all my key rings.

If you like chainmaille, don't miss my new Byzantine Starfish Pendant -- an artglass starfish on a sparkling byzantine chain -- and Princess of the Forest Woven Chainmaille Necklace!

Recycled Glass Jar Paperweights

I've been having splendid fun slumping small glass jars into paperweights. I soften them vertically instead of laying them on their sides to flatten, and they come out with luscious folds like fabric! Take a look! Couldn't your desk use a little fun?


Anonymous said...

I noticed your key chains when visiting your shop the other day, they are fabulous!! Love the mix of chain maille and beads - too cool!

Recycled keyrings said...

The polished stone keyring is my favorite what stone did you use

Karen said...

Unfortunately, I don't know what the stone is -- I found it in a bin of tumbled stones at a bead warehouse. It's quite beautiful, I agree -- my favorite as well. Sorry I can't help!